Keynotes & Motivational Speeches


Whether you’re invited to make a keynote speech as an expert or thought leader, or you’re delivering a commencement, the audience is expecting to be altered in some way by what you say. They want to be educated, informed, inspired and challenged. In thinking about how to achieve those things we ask:

Who is listening? What do you want them to know that they don’t already? Why is your point of view different? How can you refresh the origin story you’ve told a hundred times? How do you create quotable sound bites and takeaways?

Most importantly, how can we create connection? Because when you’re speaking as a professional, connecting to the audience on a human level is everything. We work closely with our clients to infuse ‘hard information’ (data, facts etc) with real-life experiences, personality, humor, and humanity. So no matter the technicalities, the emotional impact is felt by everyone in the room.