a speech is more than just a great story.

The feminist who took on the fashion world, the immigrant who took a stand, the engineer who will take us to space... Our clients come to us from divergent industries, cultures and skill sets.  They are high-flyers, old-schoolers, rebels and insiders. Some are looking forward, some are looking back. Some are behind the scenes, others are in the spotlight.   

But they all have one thing in common. They all have ideas.  

At The Oratory Laboratory, we value your stories. But we love your ideas more.  So we take your stories and experiences and put them to work to amplify your most exciting inklings, astonishing insights and brilliant theories. Then we show you how to share them with the people that matter.

  • Our clients are quoted in industry media.

  • Over two thirds return to work with us on new projects.

  • Our Net Promoter Score is 83.

“I’m still beaming with excitement. Not only did I deliver an election-winning talk, I actually look forward to doing it again!”
— Randy, CT
“They were direct, efficient, extremely knowledgeable, experienced and incredibly professional.”
— Martin Chalk, CEO of Balance Water
“There is no way I could have done what we did without you... we nailed it.”
— Alexandra Bates, former Creative Director of West Elm