How do you write a speech in my voice if you don’t know me?

Through an interview process and a set of carefully customized questions we get to know you and your subject in such a way that allows you to be the funniest, most charming version of yourself. Your ‘voice’ as a speaker should be elevated and more thoughtful than your day-to-day persona. If you don’t make speeches every week, it may well be a version you haven’t met before. However, if you are a frequent speaker, chances are you need a new voice which is why you came to us ;)

How long should my speech be?

Depends entirely on the event and the ask. But if you’re doing a fantastic job and the audience is loving it, it shouldn’t matter. When was the last time you were thoroughly enjoying a speech and wished it would end?

Okay, so you’ve written me an amazing speech. What if I freak out with anxiety when I get up to deliver it?

Now you have an amazing speech in your hands, chances are that you won’t be freaking out. Just knowing you’re about to thrill your audience and deliver a masterpiece makes all the difference between white knuckles and bit of healthy adrenalin. That said, we do offer coaching which helps conquer those jitters on the big day.

Will I have enough time to memorize my speech before the event?

DO NOT MEMORIZE YOUR SPEECH. There are few venues where this is necessary or expected (think, TED) and unless you’re Tony Robbins or a Hollywood actor you should aim for familiarity rather than memorization. The whole point of a speech is that you sat down and wrote something awesome. It’s not meant to be something you just came up with - don’t be fooled by the invisible teleprompters all those politicians and celebrities use.

We have a mantra at The OL: Your audience won’t remember if you read your speech, but they will remember if you should have.

I’ve seen Victoria and Nathan in the press but what about your writers - how do I know they’re up to the task?

We hire only the most creative and thoughtful storytellers and we make sure they come from professional backgrounds and disciplines as diverse as those of the co-founders’. Every OL writer is then brainwashed in our values and vision.

What if I don’t like what you write for me?

Creating a speech is a collaborative process and we rely on your input so we can revise and improve the draft. But we’ll always give you our honest opinion on what we think is going to work best and it’s up to you if you trust our experience and expertise or not. You hired us for a reason, so let us use what we know and make you look like a total pro.    

What if I want to write the speech myself and have you make it better?

Consultation services start at $500 and we don’t guarantee we will directly edit the draft. Rather this service is a series of calls during which we provide verbal feedback and pointers on how to improve the text yourself.