Victoria Wellman


Victoria oversees all creative output at The Oratory Laboratory with a specific focus on professional speeches and brand work. 

In her work as a journalist at The Daily Mail, New York Post and New York Daily News, a writer/producer at NBC and as a trained stage actress and voice over artist, Victoria has refined her skills in almost every existing storytelling discipline. She finds the perfect words to communicate your ideas and then helps you master the art of delivery for maximum impact. Victoria has written more best man speeches than any man on earth and could turn a keynote about watermelons into a political rally cry if asked.  

Nathan Phillips


A compulsive maker of innovative content, Nathan provides support to The OL while focussing on his most recent venture, THAT

As an Emmy-winning writer, a best-selling author and award-winning creative director for brands, including Google, Intel, Chevy, JC Penney, Under Armour, Kraft, Obama 2012 and the AFL-CIO, Nathan has built robots, created VR experiences, developed products and devised entire campaigns. He is a former collaborator at the Google Creative Lab and the former Chief Creative officer of Narrative, the ad agency founded by Russell Simmons. 

Lacey Taylor


Lacey uses her Texan charm and attention to detail to guide clients with personal speech needs through our proprietary creative process.

A psychology major, Lacey brings human connection to all her work. As a history teacher she has told 11th graders stories about presidents and patriots. As a digital marker she has told stories for YouTube and Google Play, and as a speechwriter she recently made a cast member of Hamilton cry over the speech she wrote. Lacey uses her intuition and imagination to bring clients’ stories to life with authenticity, comedy and impact. She’s still waiting for the free Hamilton tickets.


At The Oratory Laboratory we write speeches differently. So the last thing we look for when hiring is someone who calls him or herself "a speechwriter".

Instead we insist on hiring storytellers with multidisciplinary experience because we know the most innovative thinkers are those who can navigate the nuances of language, humor and narrative structure across different platforms.  

In order to ensure we provide every client with the most original and unforgettable material for their individual needs, we train all our writers to think and write with The OL values and expertise at their fingertips. And because we believe five brains are better than one, we hold weekly creative brainstorm sessions to encourage collaborative ideation across all our projects.